Come September


Come September (1961), is a romantic comedy film, which has been directed by Robert Mulligan. The cast of the film is Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee.

The film is about a rich American businessman Robert Talbot (Rock Hudson), who is the owner of a cottage on the coast of Ligurian (a beautiful landscape of Italy) and there he stays with his Italian lover Lisa Fellini (Gina Lollobrigida), who spend every September there.

Once he decides to visit his villa in the month of July instead of September and calls his lover to join him. When Robert arrives at the villa in the month of July he finds out that his villa is converted into a full time hotel named La Dolce Vista. On his arrival he finds out that Maurice Clavell (Walter Slezak), who use to take care of the villa was running a hotel in his absence from the last six years and sees her hosting a group of girls.

This is how the film starts and it further goes on with the guests staying in the hotel and Robert trying to get them out of his villa at the earliest. Robert who had come with his Italian girlfriend Lisa to spend some quality time with each other cannot manage to get the guest out of the villa but they themselves land into doing the things that Margaret Allision do along with the group of girls and the street teenage boys.

There are amazing twists that come in between the film that bring a new change in the story of the film, which leaves the whole of the audience with laughter in the film.

The first twist that comes in the film is when Robert the owner of the villa at the coast of Ligurian reaches in the month of July instead of September with his Italian girlfriend and finds out that his villa is converted into a hotel in his absence. Then he asks Margaret to get the girls out of the hotel but is not successful. Later next morning, Margaret slips on a cork and is hospitalized and then again he is not able to get the girls out of the villa and then all his dreams of spending quality time with Lisa are shattered.

The story again takes a twist when the police caught Robert and then they asked Maurice to explain Robert’s identity but then he misunderstood the entire story and made him into a criminal in front of the Italian police even when Robert did not fire him but instead singed a deed to make him find another job in case he was fired.

The other twist comes when Tony (Bobby Darin), who is one of the proud medical freshmen, apologizes to Robert before leaving the villa. Robert after hearing his conversation then plans on his relationship with Lisa, which then becomes successfully, which further results to marriage.

Come September has a lot of twists and turns, which add humor in the film and the film is full of laughter and is a vey nice romantic comedy with a normal love story with twists and turns. The director and the actors very beautifully perform the story of the film Come September.

The production design of the film is magnificent as well as the setting of each and every scene makes the film come alive to the audience. The editing is also very well done.

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